SUNGLASSES for each type of face




The best lenses for your type of face preferably about frames that are straight lines. (this is just to get a little circular thing on your face)
Regarding models can opt for having a square shape, or even rectangular.
Escape frames have oval and even the curved frames.
As for colors you opt for deep tones that will help you reduce attention to that part of you. In short edges somewhat thick, broad and wide lenses with somewhat high.


Victoria Beckham

Victoria with square sunglasses.



these will you help to minimize the length of your face.
As for the frames that are a little wider this basically will help shorten the height of your face.
If you opt for lenses with designs on frames sure that the decorations are horizontal.
You can also use oval-shaped lenses. As for colors you can choose soft colors you choose.


Poppy Delavigne with a square sunglasses.


As for the frame your face type the best are square and even oval type.
The lenses also ways you remain amazing cats.
Stay away from the frames that are not too wide
What you should avoid at all costs is that the mount is not wider than the limit of the cheeks and the frame does not have decorations on the edges.

  • Street Style


  • Streetstyle with a eye cat sunglasses.


All you have to consider is that if your face is small ratio, you should opt for lenses that are large.
Stick to the oval, type aviators, cat eye and other decide!
Always take into account the size of your face or too big or too small.
In short try different styles until you find that you print your personality.

street style
 Streetstyle with a aviator sunglasses


The best types of lenses for this face are aviator glasses, almost without frames. (will help you make your jaw look much more natural)
As chooses mounts which are wide and well marked on the top, this will help you stand out from the chin much less.
Stay away from small glasses and if you want to choose these which are from cat eyes (cat eye) or rather feline style
As to the forms which can also use are round but that if the frames avoids large or too strong colored somewhat square shapes.
street style

Streetstyle with a eye cat sunglasses.




The best ways for your face shape sunglasses are oval and round.
Stay away from the lens with regular corners, you can choose which are round or curved that if without falling into the circular.
Do not stay for anything right square or angular lenses.
Regarding escogelos designs simply recalled that these are more difficult to combine.
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