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25 Amazing DIY Nail Ideas

These nails nautical loved, very sweet and chic. Here the steps to pinatarte nails is very easy. First paint your nails blue. Second cut a strip and you andhesivo delagadas with the drawbacks, if you can not get with a thick brush you want to paint yourself white lines. Third you cut the excesses and finally a very thin brush you paint a heart.

Anchor and polka dots

These nails also have a marine but in beige and black. Occupy only a very thin two paintbrushes for points and another medium for drawing. This design is very trendy for this summer season.

Cute Nails

These nails are timeless, you can use them in any season and you can change the color rose by any other silver and gold shiny one. This combination is very preppy and sweet, I love the pink with silver combination.

I want this nailsss...

These nails with several drawings, I love for spring and summer by the tones and floral prints. It's a very chic combination with the different textures and prints very original idea.

Modern French manicure. Nail chic.

These nails have a very original French difernete than we were used to seeing, are very simple and elegant, try and combine it with the colors you want.

neon nails with black and white stripes

These nails are very cool yellow color combination with black and white stripes and a touch of nude color with glitter.


Someone please give me Lauren Conrad's hair!

 Lauren Conrad in different hair style. Try it casual style easy to imitate, loves to bring her hair when she is caught and ground using a natural and carefree waves.

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