Imogen Poots



This English already has its history with 22 films and a series for television.Imogen not only has talent for acting, but also to dress and create trends for that is the new it girl Keep an eye britanica.No that give much to talk so much in the world of fashion as in acting.
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This whole fashion icon at 24 years old, and this demonstrates why. Imogen has a patterned blue dress eclectic, a very feminine ruffles. In the makeup and hair, so hair and red lips have collected. Style tres chic parisine.


Imogen with a look very grunch. She elegio pencil skirt the modernized black color with a white blouse with black stripes, thin necklace and shoes to tapes estmapado animal. The final touch one maquiillaje and very natural hairstyle and grunch.

photo: company.co.uk

Imogen a look very eclectic, original combination of tribal prints in shades of green, beige and red. To complement your look has a large collar and white exotic flowers and very original. Czech bracelets in gray and red complemetan her look African.

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